Moisturiser is important


You’ve just sat in the chair for 5 hours and you have some nice work on your body, helping it heal nicely and protecting that art will keeping it looking better longer.

Depending on the tattoo and the artist there are a range of aftercare options for you to consider. Your artist will be the best source of information but it is your right to ask questions. It’s your art on your body at the end of the day.

Typically we will wipe in some xxx moisturiser to protect the skin and help it heal. We’ll then seal this in under a layer of Second Skin.

This stays on for xxx days and then you are good to go, we recommend rubbing moisturiser in daily for xxx days after.


On of the most frustrating things as an artist is to work on a piece for hours and then see you on social a week later with sunburn or some other dumb shit that puts the skin through additional trauma making the healing process take longer and the tattoo look like shit.

Once you have a tattoo that you care about you should treat it like the work of art that it is. Give it a few days out of the sun, try not to graze or carpet burn the skin, don’t go painting it with body paint, just give it time to heal.

Aftercare is a lifetime thing, every time the skin where your tattoo is gets damaged (sunburn etc.) your tattoo will be damaged as your body repairs the skin. In other words, take care of your tattoo and it will look good for longer.


There are lots of reasons a tattoo might need to come off, but not all removalists are created equal.

We recommend the guys at Lasertat or The Lightning Co., good guys who know their shit.

Also, don’t be surprised when we tell you that you need to get some laser sessions before we start that coverup you’ve always wanted.



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